Our company is — supplier of food Maize, wheat, food, feed wheat, feed barley, soybean commodity, sunflower oil, sunflower meal, soybean. Basic services — preparation and sale of agricultural products, as well as wholesale deliveries. The geography of our presence — all regions of Ukraine. We are focused on mutually beneficial cooperation with large enterprises engaged in grain processing, as well as owners of poultry farms and livestock farms.

To achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction, carefully studied their needs, to offer the most effective solution, the product!

To minimize the costs and the risks specific to work in the agricultural sector, Ltd. «Eco Leader» uses a strategy of diversifying its activities, thus guaranteeing the stability of the business.

The number of our employees, including the branch network of 23 people, and our goal — not only to improve the well-being of their families, and contribute to the prosperity of the agricultural sector and agricultural workers.

Having your own experience, filling cones, we are helping the agricultural producer, we share with them valuable lessons learned.

Our company will become your strategic partner, if you are accustomed to trust the high quality and the most responsible approach to the fulfillment of contractual obligations. The strict discipline of work — the key to the work performed flawlessly. We are proud of the trust that has managed to win, and do not intend to lose.

Unprecedented quality, shipment of the necessary volume of production in the period, a professional approach and the ability to interact on individual circumstances — the criteria that determined the choice of customers in favor of cooperation with «Eco-leader» on the basis of a long-term contract.

  Our strategic objectives:

The yield on the leading position among suppliers.

The conquest of new markets and expand the geography of supplies

Particular importance is given to the quality of each product.

Main factors:

— Nature of grain;
— Lack gennomodifitsiruyuschih factors;
— The protein content;
— The moisture;
— Foreign material.

Excluded corn smut infestation prohibited impurities, seeds of quarantine of plants.

Many years of experience in the agricultural business helps us create demanded a system of incentives, motivation, large and small customers.

The offer is open-ended, allowing partners to ensure corporate integrity, impartiality company.